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Monday, September 16
10:40 - 13:00
MA.L1: Sensing and Acquisition Room 218
MA.L2: Image Denoising Room 217
MA.L3: Inverse Problems and Compressive Sensing Room 216
MA.L4: Classification I Room 213
MA.L5: Visual Object Tracking Room 212
MA.L6: Scene Analysis I Room 209
MA.L7: Steganography, Watermarking, and Security Applications Room 208
Special Session: MA.S: Image Processing and Pattern Recognition for Ecological Applications Room 207
MA.PA: Visual Attention and Saliency Poster Area A
MA.PB: Interpolation, Filter Banks and Hierarchical Processing Poster Area B
MA.PC: 3D Video Coding Poster Area C
MA.PD: 3D Image Processing and Camera Calibration Poster Area D
MA.PE: Image Analysis Poster Area E
MA.PF: Object Recognition & Classification Poster Area F
MA.PG: Rendering and Synthesis of Image and Video Poster Area G
14:20 - 17:10
MP.L1: Video Quality Assessment Room 218
MP.L2: Filtering, Regression and PDEs I Room 217
MP.L3: HEVC I Room 207
MP.L4: Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging Room 208
MP.L5: Motion and Change Detection Room 213
MP.L6: Shape and Pose Estimation Room 212
MP.L7: Advanced Image Annotation and Retrieval Room 209
MP.L8: Image and Video Enhancement Room 216
MP.PA: Scene Sensing, Characterisation and Analysis Poster Area A
MP.PB: Restoration and Enhancement I Poster Area B
MP.PC: Image and Video Coding & Communication I Poster Area C
MP.PD: Classification II Poster Area D
MP.PE: Object Segmentation and Recognition Poster Area E
MP.PF: Object Recognition and Classification I Poster Area F
MP.PG: Scene Analysis II Poster Area G
MP.PH: Watermarking, Forensics, and Hashing Poster Area H
Tuesday, September 17
10:40 - 13:00
TA.L1: Deconvolution and Deblurring Room 217
TA.L2: Biomedical Image Analysis I Room 216
TA.L3: Error Resilient Video Transmission Room 208
TA.L4: Inverse Problems in Biomedical Imaging Room 218
TA.L5: Classification III Room 213
TA.L6: Object Tracking and Recognition Room 212
TA.L7: Multimedia Classification and Retrieval I Room 209
Special Session: TA.S: Video Compression and its IEEE Standardisation Room 207
TA.PA: Modelling and Reconstruction Poster Area A
TA.PB: Interpolation, Super-Resolution and Face Hallucination Poster Area B
TA.PC: Restoration, Reconstruction and Compressive Sensing Poster Area C
TA.PD: Stereoscopic, Multiview and 3D Image Processing I Poster Area D
TA.PE: Features and Shape Poster Area E
TA.PF: Video Surveillance Poster Area F
TA.PG: Estimation and Recognition of Pose, Shape and Motion Poster Area G
TA.PH: Face and Gesture Recognition and Tracking Poster Area H
14:20 - 17:10
TP.L1: Statistical Models and Regularisation Room 218
TP.L2: Interpolation and Super-Resolution Room 217
TP.L3: Segmentation and Estimation in Biomedical Imaging Room 216
TP.L4: Stereoscopic, Multiview and 3D Image Processing II Room 207
TP.L5: Segmentation I Room 213
TP.L6: Object Recognition and Classification II Room 212
TP.L7: Biometrics I Room 209
TP.L8: Multimedia Forensics and Applications Room 208
TP.PA: Restoration and Enhancement II Poster Area A
TP.PB: Biomedical Image Analysis II Poster Area B
TP.PC: Image and Video Coding & Communication II Poster Area C
TP.PD: Radar, Remote-Sensing and Geophysical Imaging Poster Area D
TP.PE: Classification IV Poster Area E
TP.PF: Motion Estimation, Change Detection and Tracking Poster Area F
TP.PG: Object Detection & Tracking Poster Area G
TP.PH: Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval I Poster Area H
Wednesday, September 18
10:40 - 13:00
WA.L1: Perceptual Assessment, Modelling and Processing Room 218
WA.L2: Restoration and Reconstruction Room 217
WA.L3: Registration and Classification in Biomedical Imaging Room 216
WA.L4: Lossless and Predictive Coding Room 208
WA.L5: Video Surveillance and Human Detection/Tracking Room 213
WA.L6: Object Recognition and Classification III Room 207
WA.L7: Multimedia Classification and Retrieval II Room 209
Special Session: WA.S: Progress in Implantable Prosthetic Vision and the Role of Vision Processing Room 212
WA.PA: Filtering, Regression and PDEs II Poster Area A
WA.PB: Registration, Fusion and Mosaicing Poster Area B
WA.PC: Video Coding Poster Area C
WA.PD: Electronic Imaging Poster Area D
WA.PE: Segmentation II Poster Area E
WA.PF: Applications of Detection and Tracking Poster Area F
WA.PG: Biometrics II Poster Area G
WA.PH: Multimedia Encryption and Applications Poster Area H
14:20 - 17:10
WP.L1: Sparse Representations and Regularisation Room 217
WP.L2: Registration and Fusion Room 216
WP.L3: Image Coding Room 207
WP.L4: Hardware for Image Processing Room 208
WP.L5: Local Features Room 213
WP.L6: Object Detection and Tracking Room 212
WP.L7: Facial Biometrics Room 209
WP.PA: Image Quality Assessment Poster Area A
WP.PB: Restoration and Enhancement III Poster Area B
WP.PC: Biomedical Image Analysis III Poster Area C
WP.PD: HEVC II Poster Area D
WP.PE: Segmentation III Poster Area E
WP.PF: Object Recognition and Classification IV Poster Area F
WP.PG: Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval II Poster Area G