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One randomly-selected member who attends ICIP 2013 will receive a USD$1000 reimbursement of travel!

Sign up to the ICIP 2013 announcements mailing list by December 15, 2012 for a chance to receive a USD$1000 toward your travel to ICIP 2013. Stay on top of the latest ICIP 2013 news by joining our low-volume mailing list — CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

Members of the list will receive periodic news about ICIP 2013, no more frequent than one per week. We will send out notices of significant website updates, reminders about upcoming important deadlines, and general news about ICIP 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.


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Members who sign up by December 15, 2012 will be entered into a random drawing to receive a prize of USD$1000 for travel expense reimbursement. The winner must register for ICIP 2013 using the same email address on the mailing list, and must be present at ICIP 2013. The random drawing will occur during the ICIP 2013 banquet, September 17, 2013, in Melbourne, Australia. Entrants need not be present at the banquet to win, but must attend ICIP 2013. The prize will be in the form of a check drawn for up to $1000 US Dollars, with the amount not to exceed verifiable travel expenses/receipts presented no later than 14 days after the end of the conference. Eligible travel expenses are: conference registration (receipt not required for conference registration), airfare, hotel stay, local taxi/car rental, train travel to or from the entrants residence or travel port (airport, ship dock, train station, etc.) If the randomly selected winner is not eligible because he/she did not attend ICIP 2013, another entrant will be randomly selected until an eligible winner is presented.

Employees and staff of IEEE, Conference Management Services, Inc., and members of the ICIP 2013 organizing committee and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.